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And so, the adventure begins…

Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.

—Suzy Kassem

I know, another preparedness/homesteading/survival/bushcraft/(insert favorite words here) blog. Yea, I get it. Don’t tell anyone but one, I’m so not a blogger. My wife will back me up on this fact as she had to physically wrestle me off of the computer just trying to sign into WordPress. Two, it’s not about you, Bob! This place… albeit inhospitable and confusing to the non tech minded, is for me, a virtual book to keep notes, capture ideas, catalog failures and celebrate successes. A place where I can keep a chronological record of the adventure we are about to begin. Now, if someone along the way, happens to enjoy the rantings of this madman, or can possibly pick up a tip of something to do… or more importantly, what not to do should a similar situation be encountered, win-win in my book!

The 74 acre spot where we build out future
The 74 acre spot where we build out future